My brows! How do I do it?!




Gooooooood afternoon!
Yet another day of me spilling the secrets of my makeup! Today let’s talk brows!

One our most asked questions is “How do you get your eyebrows to look so perfect?” The answer? ABH! Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cosmetics line with several products for the brows. I choose to use their Brow Pomade in Chocolate and an angled brush. The chocolate gives me dark brows without them being too dark and I go over them with the ABH brow gel. The brow gel is A clear gel with a wand that you put over your brows to set them so that they last and waterproofs them! Love that stuff!

A little goes a long way so don’t dunk your angled brush in the pomade! I only use the tip!

Start at the tail end of your brow. Starting in the middle only gives that ultra strong sharpie brows look! Noooooooo!

Go around them with a concealer about 1-2 shades lighter than your skin color to give them that “perfect” look!

And you’re done! Adios!

My Daily Go To Makeup Day 3!!






Good morning makeup lovers! I am back today with another day of go to products! I’ve had all of these for about a year or so now so excuse the worn colors Lol. Lets get to it.

People always ask me “What eye shadow do you use? Its so vibrant and pigmented! And it lasts so long!” You’re all right! My eyeshadow does all of these things (when put over a base of course). And who’s responsible for my bright shadows?! COASTAL SCENTS! I purchased this palette in June 2013 and still have almost all of the colors looking brand new event though I’ve used them all at least twice! If you ever want a brighter look with any of the colors ,just layer the shadow and POW! you’re winning!

Morphe Brushes is who I entrust my, and my client’s faces to! Their concealers are extremely creamy and buildable! The 10 concealer palette I have from them covers almost every skin tone with the exception of those with deep ebony skin. Its the perfect palette for highlighting and contouring; it’s also pretty great for quick cover ups for dark spots and under eye circles. Just apply and set it with a finishing powder and it looks natural and minimal!
I also use Morphe Brushes 10 blush palette. Also another wide range of colors for various skin colors. Some are matte and some have a slight shimmer for a bronzed finish. I love how well it shows up and how long the blush lasts. Perfect pops of pink for any season!

Well, that’s all for now! Be back tomorrow with another day of exposing my secrets to a flawless face! Toodles!

My Go To Products Day 2!



Cee's Go To Products


Good morning makeup lovers and welcome to part 2 of my “Go To Products” segment. First, I told you guys about my go to brushes and the way I clean them.

(In case you missed Day 1,

Today, I will move onto my face products. I feel compelled to start with my priming routine. Now I have super oily skin so it took a lot of trial and error to find the perfect combo of products to wear under my foundations and concealers. It takes a few products for me, but everyone is different. First I always start with a clean, moisturized face. I apply NYX Pore Filler first to fill in my pores and fine lines. Next, I go over that with SmashBox PhotoFinish Primer to assist with filling in any remaining fine lines: the combination of these 2 products is apparently what blocks my oil because when I try to do one without the other, I’m an oily mess. 


I love the pore filler because it fills in the pore in a transparent fashion so that I have a smooth base for my makeup. I’m MADLY in love with the SmashBox PhotoFinish because of it’s super silky feel and how soft and oil proof my skin is once applied. Both products are my life savers and my definite go to’s when I need makeup that won’t move and that WILL last. I hope this helped someone! Share your thoughts on the products in the comments? 




My Daily “Go-To” Makeup


Good morning everyone! I have had so many ask me what do I use, what are my favorites for myself, what are my favorites for my clients…finally, I’m responding with answers. This whole week, I will be featuring one of my favorite elements of my kit every day. By the end of this week, you will know all my secrets. Lol! Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!

I’m not 100% sure where to start, so I’ll start with my brushes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Morphe Brushes & Vicky Secrets (believe it or not) brushes. The black case is my Morphe 12pc sable brush set. Purchased over a year ago And still in great condition! The “Kiss and Makeup ” case houses my Victoria’s Secret 5 pc travel brush set aka the softest brush set ever! They work so well and have also stood the test of time!

I clean my brushes with 90% alcohol from my local grocery store (about $1.50 a bottle) and it safely and gently removes product without damaging the bristles.

1. Pour alcohol into small bowl or cup and put your brushes upside down in the liquid (soiled brush tip should be in alcohol)
2. For shadow/powder brushes, soak for 5 minutes. For concealer/cream product brushes, soak for 10 minutes.
3. Use small cloth (wash cloth is fine) to wipe the wet brush until it is dry. The alcohol both removes product and disinfect so it’s a one step cleaning project. Quick and easy.
4. Store brushes in cool, dry location and they’re ready for next use!

Today’s focus was my beloved brushes. Without them, I couldn’t do makeup..literally lol. I’ve rambled enough, now go show your brushes some love! See you tomorrow!


How to: Natural Makeup


Who says simple can’t be beautiful? 

#anastasiabeverlyhills brow pomade in Chocolate. #nyxcosmetics matte lipstick in Eden. I have a little concealer on my lids and a dark purple shadow from my #coastalscents 252 palette. My concealer is from #morphebrushes 10 palette and so is my blush. To set my concealer, I pressed #MAC NC45 all over. Happy Friday loves 

SN: Hair is in 3 strand twists that I will take down later tonight and post. Gotta let them sit a little longer because they’re wet but it will be soooo fly just in time for me to see my boo tonight ….SOO EXCITEDDDD!


Teeth Whitening…no more strips!


Yesterday, my gf was on some website rambling off all these random facts. So she comes across one that caught my attention because it was about teeth whitening. It said something about the antioxidants in strawberries and the whitening power of baking soda so I logged that one into my memory. I tried it this morning and I am completely shocked at my results!

Here’s my step by step:
1. You will need 1 tsp of baking soda, a bowl, a fork and 1 strawberry. 

2. Mash the strawberry up in the bowl using the fork

3. Add the baking soda to the mashed strawberries and stir. Mixture will be slightly lumpy and pasty. 

4. Distribute strawberry paste on teeth using a toothbrush. Do not swallow. Try to smile for about 5 mins to let the mixture do its magic.

5. Brush teeth as usual

6. And pow! Now you can go blind the world! 


Five Stacks on the Make Up Bag



Every so often, I like to spotlight someone’s work. Their gift or specialty. Whether I know her or him personally, I just like to share their journey and let others know about their specific crafts. You know, to help them and their businesses grow and stuff.

Today I’m sharing the story of a young makeup professional named Sierra who never dreamed she’d be where she is today. I find her to be quite inspirational and very talented. She’s proof that dreams will come true and goals can be accomplished if you put in the time and dedication. The end of her testimony is what tells me that Sierra is doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing, answering her calling, and being her authentic self. 

Check her out:


I was an active teen so I just had no interest in makeup whatsoever. I think the first time I wore a…

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